9B 4


Full Home Renovation/Addition on this beautifully situated North facing block in Maroubra.

The project consisted of a Full Home Renovation/Extension of the ground floor to the original free standing home in Maroubra. The home was in original condition and needed a lot of work to transform it into the Amazing, spacious home that it now is. The home now has a beautiful open plan design with loads of natural light and the summer breeze flows right through. We have really transformed it into a great contemporary living space from front to back for this energetic young family.


Location: Benvenue St, Maroubra
Completed: 2016


When we first decided to go with Ecobuild Construction that decision was based on our impression of David, his willingness to do an “eco-build”, word of mouth and having looked closely at work the company had done before. We took our time with the decision because we had been treated poorly by another builder before.

Thankfully, we made the right decision. We are very happy, and eternally grateful, to David and the guys who built our house (thanks especially to Rob, Scott & Jamie). We haven’t looked back. The things that impressed us most were the hard work, the honesty and the quality of the work. I’m typing this as I hear our kids play in the new house. Its great and so was the build. On time and just quality. Thank you to David. We really appreciate everything you did for us.

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